the stick man – review

sitck man lives in the family tree

with his stick lady love

and their stick children three…

an intro to a book we have read many many times, and am pretty confident we will read many many times more still. julia donaldson and axel scheffler created this master piece, you may recognise their names from the gruffalo stories too. however this is not a review of the book, oh no, this is for the live show that has been very cleverly adapted from the book by the rather clever and wonderful people from the award wining scamp theatre.

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colour makes people happy

rooster decided that he wanted a party this year. a bit strange from him as he tends to shy away from them really. he had one when he was 3 but since then he has always chosen to do something with us rather than a party. you might remember the dressing up that occurred last year, you don’t remember? check it out here and here. thankfully this year didn’t included dressing up, we were devastated pleased.

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the sticker club – review

so imagine you are 5, very very nearly 6, what in the world is your most favourite thing other than lego and cake? oh yeah, you got it right there, stickers. stickers are always a sure winner whether they be football, lego, aliens, cars, dinosaurs as long as they stick to something pretty much anything goes!

so when we received an email asking us whether we would like to review a new venture called the sticker club clearly our answer was always going to be YES!

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the end of our summer

how did eight weeks pass at such speed? i blinked and there it went. we did have a marvellous time though.

we started with two weeks in the sunny canaries. back briefly for our first camping and festival adventure at camp bestival. then i zoomed off of to india for a week for work, then back home and BOOM bank holiday weekend, and what better way to spend the bank holiday but down in rye and camber sands on the east sussex coast.

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return of the rude boy

after a little wonder around st pauls and a spot of lunch at barbecoa, we jumped on the number 23 bus down the strand and jumped off just by somerset house. we had been meaning to go for a number of weeks now, but with holidays, camping and me travelling for work, we hadn’t had a weekend free. so with a couple of hours free we were keen to catch the return of the rude boy exhibition at somerset house. with a big love of two-tone, ska and mod music in the HPMcQ house hold, this small curated exhibition by dean chalkley and harris elliott, showcasing the 21st century rudie didn’t disappoint. but you must hurry if you fancy going it finishes on the 25th august, and in the mean time here are some of my favs.

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we really went to camp bestival – i know!

oh me oh my, i said yes, and then i didn’t think about it for a while. i then thought i’d better start getting prepared for this, so i asked some questions, i made a list, i bought the things on the list, it came, i put it upstairs.

then last week, became the week. the week when were to go to camp bestival, the week where the HPMcQ family camping. i know i know, you can stop laughing right now, i was little bit scared.

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the greatest family show on earth!




read the latest announcement from camp bestival below

The Travelling Barn

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canal strolling part two

i was east side again this saturday afternoon, but this time all on my tod. after leaving nanny minnie’s i fancied a little wonder. so instead of heading down to the regents canal, i headed a little further east, to the hertford union canal (ducketts canal), a short stretch of canal originally opened in 1830 as a short cut, which links up the regents canal to the lee navigation. 

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museum of london

to escape the miserable bank holiday weather, and to avoid the inevitable cabin fever that might have overtaken us all if we stayed in our home any longer, we popped north of the river to the museum of london for a little smooch about. however imagine our surprise as we came up the stairs and across the bridge to discover that the rotunda at the entrance of the museum had been painted by 3 iconic street artists, including one of my favourites,  thierry noir, john dolan and run.

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roosters new scoot review

now ronnie adores his scooter, a little red mini micro scooter, and he has had it now for quite some time, it has been well and truly loved. when we first bought it for him, for his second birthday, it seemed so huge and he seemed so small. a couple of weeks ago i was watching him scoot along and somehow he was the one that looked so huge and the scooter seemed so small.

time for a new scoot rooster? yeah i guess so mummy…

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camp bestival juke box | basement jaxx

basement jaxxred alert, red alert it’s a catastrophe, but don’t worry, don’t panic, sunday night at camp bestival has always ended with a bang but this year will be extra special as we hand over controls to brixton dance legends basement jaxx to lead us to a suitably spectacular crescendo.

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canal strolling

as a child i would take a stroll with my grandparents along the canal, from right outside their house all the way through to victoria park. the canal being the regents canal in east london. i have walked up and down countless times, at the time i was completely unaware of its importance to the industrial revolution.

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walking on the wild side



oh my giddy aunt, our first camping experience as a family is going to be EPIC! read the latest announcement from camp bestival

camp besitval 2014

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whipsnade zoo

last week we pottered off to whipsnade zoo. when i say we i mean me, rooster and Mr HPMcQ with a whole heap of other bloggers and their kiddies too. a grand total of 6 bloggers damson lane, mammasaurus, actually mummy, cheetahs in my shoes & being mrs c and our 10 children and one Mr HPMcQ. it was also Mr HPMcQs birthday.

it was a glorious day in many ways, the sun was shining, the children played really nicely together and a great group of what were online friends cemented their real life friendships further. they also sang Mr HPMcQ happy birthday and served him cake what else could any man want.

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hms belfast

we headed down to the south bank the other weekend for a very different reason to visiting hms belfast. we were in the hood to see the paul smith exhibition, which was most excellent. afterwards as we strolled along the river, ronnie saw the huge battleship up close for the first time and was really taken with it, so we hoped on board and this is what we found.

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without paul smith i’d just be HP

if you didn’t know HPMcQ are the initials of my surnames. yes yes not content with just the one, i have three. i’ve always had two, the H and the P are my very own and the McQ i acquired when i married Mr HPMcQ. but why would i just be HP without paul smith? well let me tell you.

i grew up in essex, a friend of mine from essex went to work in the paul smith buying office. a friend of both of ours then met a girl through our friend and she worked at paul smith too. actually she was paul smiths PA. we became very good friends and most fridays we would all meet up for drinks and chaos. through these friends at paul smith i met lots of other creative people at paul smith and we all became very good friends.

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